The Junior Academy

About Silver Lakes Junior Golf

It is our mission at Silver Lakes Junior Golf Academy to provide the best & most professional service to all our junior students.

Our coaching team is committed to help every junior golfer improve their game and to help each player to reach their full potential.

We believe that with the use of technology and our swing philosophy combined with all our years of experience, we can help each player understand their own game and how to fix problem areas.

Junior Group lessons

We have three junior group phases or groups:

  1. SNAG (Starting New At Golf) – ages 3-6.

Juniors get introduced to golf in a very fun program that targets the younger golfers but also complete beginners. They learn about all the basics like hold, balance, aim and some other skills they can impart on their other sports such as coordination accuracy etc.

  1. Ltad(Long Term Athlete Development) – “Golfer for Life”

In this phase we emphasize the importance on all the basic techniques learnt in the first phase one with real golf equipment, we also emphasize the fundamental movement skills which are Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed. It is crucial that children are encouraged to participate in several sports until a late age IE at least 15. Only then should they make a choice to specialise in their preferred sport. Our main objective is to create a “Golfer for Life” at this stage and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Elite – for the advanced golfer “Producing the champions”

In this phase we teach the more advanced golfers the finer techniques they need to play lower scores on the golf course. The players in this phase typically are member of a golf club already, but not ready to participate in tournaments yet. We focus on getting the kids tournament ready in this phase. They will also have a playing opportunity once a month, where the coach will be giving some on course advice.

Junior Individual Lessons

Juniors who successfully master the skills required in the group lessons, which have become members of a golf club and often start participating in golf tournaments, need a bit more individual attention. In these individual lessons we use technology and our swing philosophy combined with all our years of experience. The technologies such as video analysis as well as Flight-scope help highlight problem areas and the effects & outcome it has on golf shots.